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We are professionals in green content creation

Who is Green Renaissance?

We are a film production and media agency, specialising in helping environmentally conscious businesses and non-profit organisations to develop creative content that promotes green and conservation initiatives.

We are professionals in environmental media content creation, striving to produce emotive content that can affect change, bring about awareness and inspire action. We endeavor to help companies communicate a transparent agenda for environmental change, helping to share their vision with the world.

What makes us different?

We are environmentalists first, and filmmakers second. We understand conservation from the root up, and are able to communicate this message through our films.

Green Renaissance ensure sustainability and accountability in our productions – the way we film, the locations we film in and our general business practices. Each film is handled with devout attention to detail, showcasing inspiring individuals in an evocative manner, without ever compromising on authenticity - true meaningful dialog begins when a message is authentic.

What have we done?

We have produced a wide range of documentaries, working closely with environmental partners and NGOs as well as with local and global businesses to produce entertaining, engaging content with a socially conscious message, focusing on sustainability and environmental issues.

By utilising our existing network of environmental alliances we are able to increase both the reach and efficiency of existing green initiatives, in essence, bringing corporates and conservationists together.