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Made in Tohoku

2 April 2014

Nature Turns into Disaster

Earthquakes, typhoons, thunderstorms, these are all a natural part of the earth. But when the lives of people are tragically affected by nature’s course it becomes a natural disaster. Our recent history is littered with many examples of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes that have left people homeless and hopeless.

A Brother’s Help Made in Tohoku

In March 2011 an earthquake and tsunami caused great devastation in Tohoku, Japan. The Inoue Brothers traveled to the region to start a project with some of the affected local artisans. The result of this collaboration is their “Made in Tohoku” collection.

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How to Treat the Ladies

24 March 2014

A group of Australian farmers share their thoughts about their ladies. Treat your ladies right fellas.


Inspired to Inspire

18 March 2014

Passion and Inspiration

Everyone has something they feel they’re meant to do, it’s their passion. That feeling is something that connects people. So few people actually pursue their passion because it’s such a personal thing that failing is just too scary. A way to push past the fear is to be inspired. Imagine that you are a source of inspiration for someone. Imagine someone seeing you do what you love doing and how inspirational and motivational it is. They might just step beyond the fear and into themselves. If you’re inspired you inspire.


Heart of Africa

3 March 2014

It’s a beautiful thing to be granted perspective. Compared to life in the heart of Africa how does your problems measure up?

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The Weight of Mountains

1 March 2014

This short film is based on the incredible work of British geologist L. Dudley Stamp.

Shot in Iceland, this film beautifully displays the language of geology. The imagery is enigmatic and cultivate a sense of introspection. A viewpoint that can breed a connectedness to nature, which in turn can only benefit your day to day life. Mountains have a lifespan much like our own. They are affected by circumstance much like we are.

Physical geography and geology is an enormous and fascinating subject, and this film only touches upon the surface of the discipline. For those who wish to further advance their knowledge in this field, further reading and research is recommended.

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Rick Rubin: Listen to Silence

6 February 2014

Listen to Silence

Rick Rubin is one of the most respected music producers. Odds are that Mr Rubin has had his hand on one of your favorite songs, be it from Black Sabbath or Lana Del Rey. One would normally equate that world with oppulance and inflated ego. But just listen to how he speaks. His voice alone emanates calmness. Rick Rubin monastically connects music and art to nature.


Everyone, on some level, crave that connection with silence. Meditate and drift into it, naturally. The result is not only beneficial to your mind, spirit and your body, but also in your doing. And this spills over into your work, your relationships, your whole life.

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The Gap by Ira Glass

5 February 2014

The truth uttered in this two minute video is the kind of truth that transcends explanation. One of those things that you know is true, but the penny only really drops once you’ve experienced it.

Though it is focused for creative types, the definition of creative should not be boxed into a form of expression. We can be creative in all aspects of our lives. Be it the stay at home mom trying to start a business in Cape Town or the artist living in a closet sized apartment in NYC.

Do the work.

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Keep Exploring

4 February 2014

French photographer Brice Portolano’s three week backpacking in the wilderness of British Columbia is condensed into a 9 minute film called Keep Exploring.

His thoughts and realizations are worth digesting.

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Cheetah’s on the Edge

3 February 2014

Winner of the 2013 National Magazine Awards for best Multimedia piece of the year-
Cheetahs are the fastest runners on the planet. Combining the resources of National Geographic Magazine and the Cincinnati Zoo, and drawing on the skills of an incredible crew, we documented these amazing cats in a way that’s never been done before.

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Earthflight (BBC Trailer)

21 November 2013


Earthflight Blog Picture1

  “Take a breathtaking flight on the wings of birds across six continents and experience the greatest natural spectacles from a bird’s-eye view.”



The blockbuster film “Gravity”  took us as close as we will ever get to the weightlessness of space. Director Alfonso Cuaron reveals the film took 4 years of hard work. This involved inventing new filmmaking technology to bring to space to the theaters. BBC One’s Earthflight series is no different.

From Kenya’s  Lake Bogoria to the Arctic to the Grand Canyons, Earthflight takes you to 40 different countries capturing the incredible point of view of a 100 bird species. To get shots of wild vultures in South Africa, the filmmakers employed techniques reminiscent to that of our own Green Renaissance team in the renowned film “Flying with Vultures.”

Earthflight BLog Photo3







BBC One’s Earthflight series documents a journey most of us have only ever dreamed of.

Click here for more information on Earthflight.

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19 November 2013

SURFWISE follows the odyssey of 85-year-old, legendary surfer Dr. Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, his wife Juliette, and their nine children—all of whom were home-schooled on the beaches of Southern California, Hawaii, Mexico and Israel; they surfed every day of their lives, and were forced to adhere to a strict diet and lifestyle by their passionate and demanding, health-conscious father.

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The Holstee Manifesto – Live Life Intentionally

6 November 2013

If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV.

The Holstee Manifesto inspires us to live our lives with intent, focus and presence. Not only is this disposition extremely beneficial to yourself, but it extends to your community, humanity and to future generations.

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Jack and his Cabin

4 November 2013

Jack is 93 and lives alone in a cabin in the woods and makes violin bows. He bought the land  and now lives off it. It’s not that he doesn’t like people, he just doesn’t like swarms of it.

Jack has found happiness in solitude.

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Urban Tree to Wood Bike

20 August 2013

Bill Holloway and Mauro Hernandez of Masterworks Woodworking in San Jose, CA, salvage condemned city trees, then build beautiful bicycles out of them – so from “urban tree to wood bike”. The story of these bikes goes from the felling of a family’s guardian tree, through the woodworking process, and finally, the completion of art you can ride.


RELATED: Wood & Design by Green Renaissance

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Madiba – In His Words

7 August 2013

Madiba has inspired a nation. Using steel wire scrubbing brushes, and cut out stencils, we reverse graffiti’ed some of our favourite Madiba quotes along the side of the N2 highway, near the Cape Town Airport. May his words continue to inspire us all.

Tip/Trick — To make the quotes pop visually, we chose to shoot in black and white. This made it easier to read as the contrast helps to focus on the words.

Camera Used: Nikon D800 DSLR
Lenses: Nikkor 35mm
Memory Card: Lexar Professional

Thanks to Damien du Toit and Kerri Muller for their help to produce the stencils.


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Duct Tape Surfing

26 June 2013

Pascale’s crushed dreams of surfing gets realized, thanks to a family friend and a roll of duct tape. Heartwarming.

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Mushroom Foraging

19 June 2013

As the first winter rain falls, it is time go Mushroom Foraging. Green Renaissance spent a morning with Gary, the Mushroom Guru, learning about difference mushrooms types, the best way to pick mushrooms, and were even lucky enough to find some of our favourite… Porcinis. Head out and explore the forests. You will be amazed at what you’ll find!

If you find the Shiitaki Mushroom you’ve stumbled onto a gold mine of health –  click here to check it out!


Filming in a forest is often tricky — the range of low light caused by the shadows of trees, and the high light due to suns rays filtering through the canopy makes it difficult to find the right balance. Try to find a location within the forest to film, where there is sufficient light, but not too much that it overpowers the image. This will help you to capture an image with a beautiful mid-range of light.

Camera Used: Nikon D800 DSLR
Lenses: Nikkor 35mm, Nikkor 50mm
Memory Card: Lexar Professional

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Freedom in Design

11 May 2013

Freedom in Design is another short film forming part of the Green Renaissance series about designers, who make use of old ‘junk’ to create something beautiful. Natasha Wood is a designer who uses scrap pieces of pottery and various elements from nature such as seed pods and wood, to create beautiful jewellery pieces.

Tip/Trick – When filming, try to capture as many sound bites related to the activities going on around you. Making use of some simple sound design really adds to the feeling of a film.

Camera Used: Nikon D800 DSLR
Lenses: Nikkor 85mm, Nikkor 50mm, Nikkor 35mm
Memory Card: Lexar Professional

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Wood & Design

5 May 2013

Wood And Design is the latest in the Green Renaissance series about designers, who create art pieces out of old, unwanted objects. Dagmar is an artist who uses scrap pieces of wood, from a furniture manufacturing factory, to create beautiful wooden pieces.

Tip/Trick – When filming, don’t compromise on your location. If you feel that a particular location is best suited to your character, but it is difficult to film due to noise and dust (as in this clip), arrange to film over weekends when it is quieter, to get around these complications. In documentary film making, authenticity is one of the most important elements – so always portray your character in the most authentic light possible.

Contact Dagmar –

Camera Used: Nikon D800 DSLR
Lenses: Nikkor 85mm, Nikkor 35mm
Memory Card: Lexar Professional

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Go Gather – Chestnuts

30 April 2013

As Autumn begins in the Southern Hemisphere, it is easy to find chestnuts strewn along the side of the road. This reminds those of us, who are foragers, to get out there and hunt for food across our city. The Green Renaissance team spent two hours before work one morning, demonstrating how easy it is to gather and prepare some tasty chestnuts. Go out and try it yourself.

Tip/Trick – Be spontaneous. We decided to film this clip, half an hour before heading out – the weather was great and the chestnuts had just started to ripen. It isn’t always necessary to overthink and plan each shoot – the real magic sometimes happens in these unexpected moments.

Camera Used: Nikon D800 DSLR
Lenses: Nikkor 35mm, Nikkor 50mm, Nikkor 70-200mm
Memory Card: Lexar Professional

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