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282 Crosses: It’s Time to Take a Stand

22 September 2011

Yesterday evening, Green Renaissance make a public statement by placing 282 crosses on the lawns of the Sea Point promenade in Cape Town- in protest against the senseless killings of rhinos in South Africa.

It’s one thing to see 282 crosses on a piece of paper, and on on your computer screen, but physically putting together 282 wooden crosses makes you realize the heartbreaking extent of this crisis- something that people all over the world will be taking a stand against today on World Rhino Day.

  • Thanks for raising awareness around the plight of our beautiful Rhino’s. Hopefully the 282 crosses in Sea Point will galvanise others to action. A vietnamese non-profit has started a campaign in their country to highlight that Rhino horn is not medicine and that it is illegal. Need governments to do more, but they only seem to act when pressured. If the big 5 became the big 4 imagine the psychological impact it would have on our tourism industry… and our nation as a whole.

  • Leanne Gernetzky

    Thank you for putting up those crosses and making people who see them realize the reality of the numbers of Rhino killed in one year!!

    It is my personal theory that the Rhino killing picked up drastically after South Africa hosted the World Cup Soccer and that the foreigners wanting the horns came to South Africa to watch the soccer, took a tour of game reserves in SA and the rest is history…!!

  • Alan D. Bosch, Wildlife Biologist

    Wildlife conservation ultimately has to be about human conservation for the world to “get it”. This type of demonstration, in my opinion, is a very effective way of raising awareness of a specific species’ plight and should always be supported.

    Thank you to the folks who took the time and effort to plant these symbols of one of the world’s great conservation causes and many thanks to the folks in countries such as Vietnam raising awareness at the grass roots level educating the public.

  • Sandra Bignell

    Thank you so much, whoever was responsible for those crosses.
    They are very poignant, and graphic, yet so simple. Great work.
    Now let’s get to these criminals and murderers, and …………..more importantly let’s educate the public. When I was in Zambia this July
    I saw a big sign, crudely made, in a tiny village, which read:
    “Education is cheaper than ignorance.” I was impressed by this simple
    yet true message.

  • Sheryl D

    I agree with the fact that training people about the benefits of the Rhinos living and that their horn is useless except on the Rhinos, will help. I can’t imagine that a Rhino with a poisoned horn would not suffer. Poachers need to be given stricker punishment. Make the poachers work for the various parks & learn the benefits of keeping wild animals ALIVE for their sake & for future generations of people to see in the wild, not just in zoos.

  • Nuria Cuenca

    “Education is cheaper than ignorance.” I was impressed by this simple
    yet true message

  • Tie each Poacher to a Rhino. If that Rhino doesn’t live, so does his keeper. Make it personal. They have.