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Eat, Move, Learn: A Video Series for STA Travel Australia

5 August 2011

An effective film doesn’t have to complicated, as you can see in the “EAT, MOVE, LEARN” video series below.

Directed by Rick Mereki, in collaboration with Tim White and actor Andrew Lees, this series takes the viewer on a journey through eleven countries, using simple but clever filming tricks that add an incredible pace and sense of movement, with an emotive soundtrack.

Filmed for STA Travel Australia, these videos will no doubt inspire wanderlust, and a general appreciation for any kind of novelty, whether it’s climbing to the viewpoint at Machu Picchu, eating something spicier than you’re used to, or learning to blow glass or flamenco dance.

  • Cristina Raposo

    The film MOVE touched something in me exactly when I’m planing to make a move… a radical one!! Thanks guys. I’m a learning photographer and figuring out every second, every day how much I can SEE throughout this amazing world.

  • anita richard-webb

    these 3 small videos are so fantastic and uplifting and makes you want to do something in your life. thank you for making then.

  • Ajay Naik

    The move video could be a tad bit slower. We’ll appreciate it more then!