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Flying Rhinos: WWF Rhino Translocation Video Released

9 November 2011

Green Renaissance has been blown away by the international media response to the WWF Black Rhino Range Expansion Project, which we filmed last week, and which we shared some still images of on our Facebook page.

In addition to the moving images of rhino being transported by helicopter, we’ve now released the film, which shows more footage of the translocation, explains more about the process, and gives credit to all the passionate conservationists, veterinarians and stakeholders involved, including WWF, SANParks and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

  • FANTASTIC WORK!! Thanks guys! Let’s hope and pray for these beautiful animals, and people like you, working constantly for our future!

  • catherine corrett

    Really great footage and well edited. Fantastic. I was just curious as to what camera you filmed this with? Could you let me know as I am planning to do freelance camera/editing in KZN next year and I am debating camera models at the moment. Many Thanks.

    • Hi Catherine

      Thanks! The video was shot with a Canon 5D Mark 2.

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  • di van Zyl

    What progress has been made on this project since 2011. Has the population that was translocated settled in Northern Zululand and are the numbers increasing?

  • di van Zyl

    It was featured on BBC Knowledge last night (22nd September 2013) and fr the first time I felt as if this war against rhino poaching has a chance of gaining ground.