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Patagonia Provisions: Salmon Jerky

30 March 2012

Yvon Chouinard and people living in BC’s Skeena River watershed talk about selectively fishing the salmon that is smoked for Patagonia Provisions.

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Nature’s Fountain of Youth

29 March 2012

Annette Larkins has been a raw vegan for 27-years and the effects of her dietary choice speaks for themselves.  She is 70-years old and looks like she’s just shy of 50 and thrives despite unfortunate family genes.

Annette’s dietary choices are something to which one can aspire.

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365 Days of Green

28 March 2012

Filmmaker Rio Allen embarks on a brave and commendable mission he calls ‘365 days of green’. For one year, Rio will find ways to adjust and redesign his lifestyle in his goal reduce his carbon footprint. One of the challenges Rio faced was giving up his car and the resulting convenience. Rio uses public transport wherever he goes and when he was forced to use his car for a job he needed to find a way to offset his carbon footprint. Rio got in touch with GreenPop, which is a ‘social enterprise that runs urban greening and reforestation projects in sub-Saharan Africa’. 94, 500 people have benefited from GreenPop.

Along with the GreenPop team, Rio travelled to Athlone in the Cape Flats and planted his tree to make up for the use of his car. Let’s all follow Rio’s inspiring example.

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Fashionable Water Pollution

27 March 2012

In 2009 the fashion industry generated a revenue of $1,031.5 billion, that’s how fashionable water pollution is.

Greenpeace made a video for Water Day (March 22 this year) that cleverly displays how the fashion industry is polluting our water.

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Toying with Forest Destruction

26 March 2012

It’s no secret that the worlds forests are in danger but the effects of deforestation is something that the average person might not be aware of. Indonesia is home to forests that are being destroyed in the name of toy companies such as Mattel, Disney, Hasbro and Lego. The existence of these frivolous products contribute to deforestation, wiping out the tiger population in Indonesia and a great many more environmental ramifications. All in the name of ‘fun‘.

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Cows Jump for Joy

24 March 2012

Neil Darwent, Farm Director of Lordswood Farms, ensures his cows gets are treated kindly. The cows are fed indoors for the winter months, but when spring comes they literally jump for joy for some fresh air and fresh spring grass.

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For Love Water: ‘Why Don’t You’

23 March 2012

Water is one of the most fascinating substances on earth. It is the very foundation of life.

South African Freediving Champion Hanli Prinsloo shares a tank with fishes and sharks a like and this hypnotic effect is amplified by the beautifully piercing vocals of Zolani Mahola (Freshlyground). The purpose of this performance for the FLOW campaign is to raise awareness around water issues in South Africa.

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Ancient Giants

22 March 2012

Ancient Giants is an upcoming documentary about the effects of deforestation of Chile‘s rainforests. Take a moment to appreciate the value of our rainforests and if you’re interested participate in the crowd funding initiative for the film. With crowd funding the viewer has a direct impact on the integrity of the film which results in the most heartfelt and accurate representation of the filmmaker’s artistic vision.

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Mauritania’s Risky Catch

21 March 2012

Mauritanian fishermen face daily dangers out of necessity for survival. They have to fight for depleting fish stocks caused by foreign fishing fleets from Europe and Asia.

Fishing is the livelihood of many in West Africa but unfortunately the world consumption makes every day a battle for survival for many communities.

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Timelapse: A Little Piece of Greece

20 March 2012

Greece has been the focus of the financial world for some time. While the fiscal problems of Europe are affecting the globe Greece has been the focus of an abundance of negative energy. While the world says there is no hope for Greece, it’s hard not not find hope in this video that makes use of incredible timelapse filming technology.

A Piece of Greece is truly something to marvel at.


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Food Rules

19 March 2012

This video is based on Michael Pollen‘s ‘Food Rules‘. It examines the world production and consumption of food and not only is the information and critical but Pollen highlights a fundamental problem; our current method of using fossil fuels to produce food is not sustainable.


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Green Pizza Box

17 March 2012

The Green Box was made almost three years ago but is just as important now as it was back then.

Invented by William Walsh this pizza box breaks into serving plates and can convert into a perfect storage container. The box is made from 100% recycled material and has been hailed as “The Pizza Box of the 21st Century” by Fox and in the “50 Best Inventions 2009″ by Time.

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‘Water Sculpture’

16 March 2012

Water is one of the most astonishing compounds we have on the earth.

By: Shinichi Maruyama

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‘Not Another Nature Film’

15 March 2012

It is no secret that our planet cannot support our rate of resource consumption. But the manner in which we are told normally breeds apathy. After we’ve finished watching the tenth dire nature report we’re uninspired. Along comes this lighthearted animation by WWF that simplifies the problem and solution.

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14 March 2012

In an interview with TIME Magazine Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson said one of the most resonating statements of the human condition:

Many people feel small because the universe is big, but I feel big, because my atoms came from those stars. There’s a level of connectivity. That’s really want you want in life. You want to feel connected. You want to feel relevant. You want to feel a participant of the goings on of activities and events around you. That’s precisely what we are just by being alive. 

No matter what you believe or do not believe we all want to feel like we belong, like we’re connected to something or someone. And we are all connected through nature. 

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Human Flight

13 March 2012

Everyone has dreamed or at least thought of what it would be like to fly. If it wasn’t for that dream, that desire, we would not have airplanes and helicopters today.

Experience Human Flight is a simple video by shot somewhere above Melbourne, Australia. It takes your breath away because there are moments where it looks like the skydivers are actually flying. Even if it’s just for a second. This is as close as you’ll get to flying short of jumping out of a plane.

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Water and Rocks, New Zealand

12 March 2012

This little film does nothing but display the absolute wonderment of nature in South Island, New Zealand.

Metron takes us from ground into a hot air balloon and presents the landscape of New Zealand in unmatched beauty.

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Timelapse: 3 Years 1 Place

11 March 2012

We’ve all seen a lot of time-lapses and they are normally very beautiful. What’s great about this one is it’s authenticity. This time-lapse was taken over three years in a single location. It chronicles the deconstruction of a building and the construction of its replacement.

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Snow Circles

10 March 2012

Sonja Hinrichen embarked on a project to draw circles in the snow. An excellent idea, executed perfectly and the result is stunning.

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Guerrilla Gardening: Holes of Happiness

9 March 2012

What is natural about breathing in exhaust fumes on your way to work? What’s natural about spending a day in a mall, surrounded by artificial light and shameless consumerism? What’s natural about spending most of your life in a world of concrete? Nothing.

Holes of Happiness is a short and touching documentary about guerrilla gardening. Nature lovers find the cracks in the concrete and tar within a city and beautify it with miniature gardens. Just a touch of nature in such a harsh environment makes it so much more livable and makes people smile.

Maybe that little something like an unexpected miniature garden is exactly what you need to get you through the day. And sometimes there’s nothing more infectious than a heartwarming smile.