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The School of Life | What’s Wrong with the Media

6 April 2015

A really powerful and thoughtful video about what’s wrong with the media. Why is it so deeply important for us to be so unnecessarily informed?

The media knows our psychological weaknesses and we so gladly and destructively play along.

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The School of Life | Clouds, Trees and Streams

30 March 2015

“We are preoccupied with ourselves in unhealthy ways.”

How much of what you are thinking is actually emotionally healthy? Do you get in the torrent of thought? Clouds, Trees and Streams has the power to awaken your self-awareness and maybe shift the trajectory of your life towards something that matters to you.

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Nature Is Speaking – Kevin Spacey is The Rainforest | Conservation International (CI)

23 March 2015

A big part of humanity separate themselves from nature. We live in an ego constructed environment; a destructive environment. Every thing we have, everything we are is because of nature. The rain forest plays a big, and equal, part as to the thriving existence of the western world. Yet we pillage it because we’ve turned the gift of living into a war for survival. To keep living on the scale of the grand ego we blithely destroy the very thing that is responsible for our oxygen, our medicine, our food, our lives; the rainforest.

We have come and we will eventually go. Nature does not need us. Nature will not miss us. Nature is speaking and we are not listening. Only it our final moments on earth we will see just how imperative it is for us to listen.

Take best way to take care of ourselves is to take care of nature.

Click here for another stunning and poignant clip on the importance of The Redwood Forest narrated by Robert Redford.


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The Wisdom of Deserts

16 March 2015

The desert is so vast it can make you feel very small, yet there’s no humiliation.

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Nature Is Speaking – Lupita Nyong’o is Flower | Conservation International (CI)

10 March 2015

It is deeply unsettling that humans pick flowers to make them feel better or beautify the superficial part of their existence.

We kill a flower to momentarily bring beauty into our lives. A week passes and the flowers end up in the garbage. Most of us don’t even have the decency or common sense to return the flower to the earth.

All our food starts out as flowers. Our lives depend on flowers. Don’t take flowers for granted. Nature doesn’t need humans.

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23 February 2015

Most of our lives are imbued with a frenetic energy. Our lives have become a to-do list but the one thing that’s not on the to-do list is living your life. We over dramatise our existence and we have a general penchant for self-inflicted suffering.

Nature sees our individualism as a species insignificant. Realising we are a part of nature connects us with what is important, it is also what will ease our constant state of mental and physical suffering.

“We need to meditate on our utter insignificance when measured against eons of time and space.” – The School of Life | Calm

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Old/New – Narrated by Patton Oswalt

18 February 2015

We are all Drew McHugh because we always need something new. What would your life be like if you didn’t have to have the latest new? Yet we’re living in a strange time when everything old is the best new thing to have. Maybe we should consider that any material thing could never measure human value.

What matters the most are the connections we form with people, not with things.

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Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean | Conservation International (CI)

9 February 2015

“I give. They take. But I can always take back.”

The planet does not belong to humans. We have done nothing to deserve it, yet our tragic sense of entitlement places us above nature; as if nature owes us something for being human. If we could just step out of our minds and into our bodies we will understand we are as much a part of nature as we are nature itself.

“They poison me and then they expect me to feed them.”

Why are we so ignorant and insensitive towards nature? Daily we destroy nature. Our morning routine destroys nature. Being alive as a modern human is destroying nature. If nature were a person and it’s highest priority is self preservation then it would get rid of human beings. Simple as that.

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A Toy Love Story That Will Make You Cry

26 January 2015

In the age of information and constant communication we do not own our own attention. Headlines, feeds and notifications become the stories we read and inevitably they become the stories we tell.

A Toy Love Story That Will Make You Cry is an emotional reminder of the beauty and simplicity of a good story.

Its simplicity magnifies its meaning. Beautiful.


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Nature Is Speaking – Robert Redford is The Redwood | Conservation International (CI)

12 January 2015

“All of a sudden there were humans and all hell broke loose. They started using the planet like it was put there just for them.”

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11 November 2014

Alain Ducasse’s restaurant at the Plaza Athénée has just re-opened. The Chef tells a more personal and radical story, following a path he initiated twenty-five years ago. He introduces a cuisine of naturality, that revolves around three key elements: fish, vegetables and cereals. A healthier, more sustainable and environmentally-conscious approach.

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Nature Is Speaking – Penélope Cruz is Water | Conservation International (CI)

20 October 2014

Water is literally the lifeblood of this planet. It has been used and recycled for hundreds of millions, if not billions years. It is sacred. There are some humans that take it for granted.

Do you buy bottled water at ten thousand times the cost? What will your life be like when we wage wars over water? What, or whom, will you give up for water?

Nature is speaking, and we can hear her loud and clear. But we do not listen.


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Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI)

13 October 2014

“I don’t really need people, but people need me.” – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature

“When I thrive you thrive. When I falter you falter.” Nature is speaking, and we can hear her loud and clear. But we do not listen.

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Without The Amazon The World Will Not Breathe

8 October 2014

Oil drilling in the Amazon rainforest may be spun as a story of building wealth for the Ecuadorian people; lifting them out of poverty into the western comforts that oil money can buy the Ecuadorian government.

Human Rights vs Economy

The reality is that the oil companies are incredibly skilled at convincing the profit hungry (and the blithely ignorant) to support their claim. Oil drilling in the Amazon will affect the livelihood of the Ecuadorian people, and eventually the whole world. As the Ecuadorian people say, “You cannot justify human rights abuses with economical arguments.”

Trading Our Breath for a Profit

The Amazon rainforest is a sensitive ecosystem that supports the Ecuadorian people, because they have been taking care and respecting it for centuries.

Those of us not living in Ecuador think we remain affected. Many of us don’t think of it at all. But we are blithely wrapped in our own crippling oil comforts until the lungs of the earth are no longer. We’re trading our every breath for a profit we won’t even see.

It’s Not Too Late to Do Something

Citizens from all over the world can help. Go to to learn how you can help protect the Amazon rainforest.

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3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed

1 October 2014

“Brace for impact” – Three words you don’t normally expect to hear on a flight. Ric Elias was a passenger on a plane where he head just that.

Ric’s TEDtalk is not only a little humorous but it’s inspiring, insightful and thought provoking.

To see photographs of that life changing day click here.

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Apple’s Spaceship Could Be The Greenest Building on the Planet

23 September 2014

News of the spaceship-like Apple headquarters is nothing new. The building was designed by Norman Foster and will reportedly cost $5 billion.

The Campus 2 (official name) will boast many earth friendly specs like being fully powered by renewable sources. The company’s approach to the environment is laid out here.

Full article from The Verge: Apple CEO Tim Cook says new spaceship campus will be ‘greenest building on the planet’

One particular feature the company mentions is natural ventilation and reminds us of termite ventilation, something the Swedes have been incorporating for decades.

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We Are Dead Stars

12 September 2014

What Are We? Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

These existential questions in relation to our humanity has been around, in some form or another, since human intelligence developed. Philosophers, scientists and theologists alike have pondered and answered these questions many a time before, and they’re often depicted at looking up at a starry night sky for answers.

We Are Dead Stars

NASA astronomer Dr. Michelle Thalle grants an interesting explanation as to where she thinks we come from (we all have different beliefs so her answer isn’t the only answer). What stands out so powerfully is the notion we are all connected to everything. Our life energy is shared by every living thing on this planet.

Quite thought provoking.

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Home Made Berry Smoothie

8 September 2014

Berry smoothies are one of those treats you never have to feel guilty about.

Raw, natural and good for the body.

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Living Filter

16 August 2014

How can you ensure you breathe forest-like fresh air every day? By having the air in your home, business or school filtered by plants.

How we have come to rely on artificial means to clean our air is dumbfounding. The answer doesn’t matter. What matters is that we get into the habit of looking to nature for solutions.

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How to Make Nettle Pesto

11 August 2014

A collaboration between Green Renaissance and Wildcraft

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Filmed at Casa Mori


2 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons pine nuts, roasted
2 tablespoons grated Percorino or Parmesan cheese
6-8 tablespoons blanched, chopped nettles
pinch or 2 Coarse Salt
Extra virgin Olive oil to desired level


Toast the pine nuts in a pan.
Blanch the nettles with the nuts in the hot pan.
Put the nut/nettle mixture in a pestle and mortar with the garlic and grind to a pulp, adding olive oil as you go.
Add the cheese and grind some more.

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