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Travel: Train to the Roof of the World

9 February 2012

A perspective from the window of a train of the surrounds on the Qinghai–Tibet Railway, and a view from the Roof of the World.

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A New Movement: A Call for Clean Energy

8 February 2012

This video, created for the Community Environmental Council, reminds us of the importance of making the shift to clean, renewable energy.

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Eating Out: The Possible Elegance of Solar Cooking

7 February 2012

The concept of cooking with solar power is nothing new, but before it always seemed to have a more rustic feel about it.

This video shows that solar powered cooking can also be elegant, and can also conform to our contemporary desire to eat out at restaurants.

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Energy Awareness: Letting Light Go to Waste

6 February 2012

A silent, but poignant visual reminder of how much light we let go to waste.

According to the Sunday Paper write up, the video was made to show light “crying” or “bleeding”, and make a poetic statement about the state of our energy consumption.

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Getting Outdoors: Trail Running in Slow Motion

5 February 2012

Nature enthusiasts with an appreciation for speed will enjoy this video- a slow motion film of trail running at 1000 frames per second.

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Connecting with Nature: A Whale Story

4 February 2012

Human interaction with animals can sometimes be a serendipitous occasion, especially when it comes to large mammals species like whales.

This creatively animated short film describes an encounter with a whale that raises the question of inter-species communication, and that the concept of “thank-you” could transcend species barriers.

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Life Inspiration: The Holstee Manifesto

3 February 2012

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and feel bogged down by things that depress or upset us.

Something as simple as a manifesto can be a key to changing that though, like the Holstee Manifesto, which is a simple reminder of personal empowerment- expressed in this video through a love of biking.

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Office Space: The Benefits of Pedal Powering

2 February 2012

Making the switch to using more sustainable forms of power is essential in the resource-finite world that we live in, but how easy is it to really disconnect from the grid?

In this short video, powering an office is shown to be as simple as sitting on a bike, with one pedal creating 5 minutes of power.

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Our Blue Canoe: Preserving the Pacific

1 February 2012

In an effort to preserve their Pacific Ocean resources and wildlife, sailors called the Pacific Voyagers from various Polynesian islands are sailing solar powered canoes called “waka” across the seas.

To reinvigorate ancient traditions, and to re-emphasize the importance of conserving our oceans, this documentary trailer gives a sneak peak at the feature film that will be released in 2013.

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Ciclovía: Prioritizing Low-Carbon City Transportation

31 January 2012

We all know that bicycles are a significantly lower carbon form of transport, but what if the infrastructure in your city doesn’t allow for easy biking?

In cities like Bogota in Colombia, the concept of ciclovía, or “bike paths” encourages city residents to ride their bikes by having designated bike lanes, and days when roads are blocked off exclusively for bicycle use.

Is this something we could do in South Africa too?

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White Trees: What Happens to Leaves in Winter

30 January 2012

Maybe it’s our close association with air-conditioning in the summer heat, but we’ve been attracted to images of winter lately- perhaps in an effort to cool ourselves down mentally.

Here’s another video about winter, but instead of outdoor sports, it focuses on the frosted beauty of leafless trees.

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Diving in Palau: The Creatures Under the Surface

29 January 2012

The ocean around the Pacific island of Palau is a Marine Protected Area (MPA), and is home to some bizarre and interesting creatures, like the ones in the video below.

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Seasonal Recap: A Look at an Outdoor Winter

28 January 2012

It’s always incredible to see how nature provides a space for outdoor sports, especially one that’s less common on our side of the Southern Hemisphere.

Snowboarder Kristofer Fahlgren has clearly made the most of his winter season, something evident from his varied snowbound travels.

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Upcoming Project: Join the Treevolution in Zambia

27 January 2012

Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in Africa, so Greenpop is going there to plant trees as part of their Treevolution initiative.

If you’re eager to make a difference and get your hands dirty a stone’s throw from Victoria Falls, volunteer to take part in this project, which takes place in July.


The Harsh Reality of Climate Change: The Weather Gods

26 January 2012

According to Greenpeace Africa, our continent is going to be severely affected by climate change, a pressing topic that they’ve addressed in the filming of their documentary- “The Weather Gods”.

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One Million Gardens: Making a Difference with Greenery

25 January 2012

Imagine what a difference it would make to the environment if we could all grow our own food?

The One Million Gardens project aims to encourage people to grow their own gardens, not only as a means of creating a sustainable source of food but also to reduce the amount of carbon emissions given off by large scale agricultural production.

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Avoiding the Noise: One Square Inch of Silence

24 January 2012

As global infrastructure grows and populations continue to expand, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find places that are free of manmade noise.

Some people, like researcher Gordon Hempton, are determined to find these places though, places like the One Square Inch of Silence, also in the Pacific North West area of the USA.

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The Legacy of Nature: The Old Man of the Lake

23 January 2012

It’s incredible to think how old some of trees are in the old-growth forests of the Pacific North West in the USA.

What’s even more incredible is that some trees can even continue to live once they fall down, like The Old Man of the Lake, a tree stump that has apparently been floating around Crater Lake in Oregon for over 100 years.

Find out more about The Old Man of the Lake here.

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Rico: A Perspective of Life of Enduring the Elements

22 January 2012

Rico is a man with a past, a past he is trying to resolve, avoid, but ultimately, deal with.

Although many of us feel sheltered in our urban/suburban existence, this film is a sobering reminder of the people who do have to endure the elements on a daily basis.

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Extreme Effort and Stop-Frame: A Bookstore After Dark

21 January 2012

Stop motion films require a huge amount of effort, patience and tedious rearranging of objects.

However, this film is definitely one of the most complex we’ve ever seen- and a great marketing effort too!

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