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Seasonal Recap: A Look at an Outdoor Winter

28 January 2012

It’s always incredible to see how nature provides a space for outdoor sports, especially one that’s less common on our side of the Southern Hemisphere.

Snowboarder Kristofer Fahlgren has clearly made the most of his winter season, something evident from his varied snowbound travels.

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Upcoming Project: Join the Treevolution in Zambia

27 January 2012

Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in Africa, so Greenpop is going there to plant trees as part of their Treevolution initiative.

If you’re eager to make a difference and get your hands dirty a stone’s throw from Victoria Falls, volunteer to take part in this project, which takes place in July.


The Harsh Reality of Climate Change: The Weather Gods

26 January 2012

According to Greenpeace Africa, our continent is going to be severely affected by climate change, a pressing topic that they’ve addressed in the filming of their documentary- “The Weather Gods”.

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One Million Gardens: Making a Difference with Greenery

25 January 2012

Imagine what a difference it would make to the environment if we could all grow our own food?

The One Million Gardens project aims to encourage people to grow their own gardens, not only as a means of creating a sustainable source of food but also to reduce the amount of carbon emissions given off by large scale agricultural production.

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Avoiding the Noise: One Square Inch of Silence

24 January 2012

As global infrastructure grows and populations continue to expand, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find places that are free of manmade noise.

Some people, like researcher Gordon Hempton, are determined to find these places though, places like the One Square Inch of Silence, also in the Pacific North West area of the USA.

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The Legacy of Nature: The Old Man of the Lake

23 January 2012

It’s incredible to think how old some of trees are in the old-growth forests of the Pacific North West in the USA.

What’s even more incredible is that some trees can even continue to live once they fall down, like The Old Man of the Lake, a tree stump that has apparently been floating around Crater Lake in Oregon for over 100 years.

Find out more about The Old Man of the Lake here.

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Rico: A Perspective of Life of Enduring the Elements

22 January 2012

Rico is a man with a past, a past he is trying to resolve, avoid, but ultimately, deal with.

Although many of us feel sheltered in our urban/suburban existence, this film is a sobering reminder of the people who do have to endure the elements on a daily basis.

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Extreme Effort and Stop-Frame: A Bookstore After Dark

21 January 2012

Stop motion films require a huge amount of effort, patience and tedious rearranging of objects.

However, this film is definitely one of the most complex we’ve ever seen- and a great marketing effort too!

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Rising from the Ashes: Cycling for Change in Rwanda

20 January 2012

Rwanda is a country with a well publicized past- and unfortunately not in a positive way.

However, almost twenty years after the violent conflict that put Rwanda on the world map for all the wrong reasons, here is a film that celebrates a different, positive perspective.

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Extreme Weather: The World in Climatic Flux

19 January 2012

We just posted a film on our Facebook page today about the floods in the Kruger National Park, but all over the world similar devastation is taking place.

From typhoons in the Philippines to drought in Texas, we’re being constantly reminding of the forceful power of nature, as reported in this episode of Green TV’s “Extreme Weather”.

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How Words Can Change the World: The Lexicon of Sustainability

18 January 2012

In the media saturated world that we live in, there’s often a lot of talk, but when it comes to issues of sustainability, how much of this talk do we really understand?

To address the problem of increasing jargon, two researchers have travelled the USA to help define what they call The Lexicon of Sustainability– documenting inspiring projects and people along the way.

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We Were Wanderers: Fauna and Flora in Malaysia

17 January 2012

In the frenetic, urban lives that many of us live today, it’s sometimes hard to imagine the places on earth that aren’t disturbed by infrastructure and noise.

This beautifully shot film about the fauna and flora in Malaysia gives us some indication of this pre-modern world, and is a glimpse into a pristine part of the planet that needs to be conserved.

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Fracking Update: Unearthed to Release Mini-Documentary

17 January 2012

To investigate the issue of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”, the Unearthed team began work on an independent documentary a year ago.

In light of the upcoming expiration of the moratorium on fracking in South Africa though, the Unearthed team will be releasing a mini-version of their full length documentary soon, as a prequel to their full length production which is due for release this year.

Read more about the documentary read the latest update on their website.

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Living Graffiti: Street Art and Urban Greenery

16 January 2012

We’ve heard of reverse graffiti, and urban guerilla gardening, but what about street art that adds a living element to bland, concrete and brick walls?

Mosstika has been putting up stencils for a while now, but we’d thought we’d share this one with you- a living stencil that reminds us to connect with the natural world we live in.

Mosstika Stencil

Image Source: Mosstika

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Solar Sinter Project: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

16 January 2012

We all know that it’s high time we started thinking differently about manufacturing, and how we use our finite natural resources.

In this experiment, called the Solar Sinter Project, sand and sunlight are used to make glass objects with the help of 3D printing technology- a process that aims to make us think differently about the potential of desert manufacturing.

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Living Climate Change: Expanding the Conversation

15 January 2012

Now that the COP17 buzz has died down a little, we thought we’d invigorate the ongoing climate change debate with a different perspective.

Instead of doom and gloom, companies like IDEO aim to incorporate climate change into our daily dialogue, and use our respective skills to find “optimistic solutions in a real world way”.

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To Save a Mockingbird: Reintroduction in the Galapagos

15 January 2012

The Galapagos Islands are all unique, and home to individual species that helped Darwin to develop his theory of evolution.

However, some of the Galapagos bird species, like the Floreana Mockingbird, are critically endangered, and part of an important reintroduction program to rescue the species.

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This Is My Winter: Snowboarding Perspective

14 January 2012

It’s hot here in South Africa, but in other parts of the world people are taking advantage of the winter snowfall.

Seeing snowboarders get air from an external viewpoint is extreme enough, but this helmet camera teaser of the film This Is My Winter gives another, edgier perspective.

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Bicycle Portraits: South Africa and Sustainability

14 January 2012

We all know that bicycles are a sustainable transport option, but how many people around South Africa use bikes as their main form of transport?

Bicycle entrepreneurs and enthusiasts Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler took a journey to find out, and took some beautiful portraits of the people they met along the way.

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Something for the Weekend: First Day of 2012

13 January 2012

We’re already almost two weeks into 2012, but since we’re still getting into it, here’s a video in celebration of the weekend, and outdoor adventures to come.

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