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Rhino Conservation: A Reason for Hope

3 November 2011

Yesterday, WWF announced that the number of rhinos poached so far this year has exceeded the total number of rhinos poached in 2010. This means that 341 animals have been lost to poaching in 2011- a cause for grave concern.

However, Green Renaissance feels that there is reason for hope, because of initiatives like the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project, which is expanding our threatened black rhino population by relocating rhino to less saturated areas.

We will be releasing a video next week, which will explain the entire process, so keep a look out on our blog and Facebook page. In the meantime, here are some photos of the move- one which we assure you was done with the utmost respect for the rhinos’ wellbeing.

  • Ryan O.

    Is there anyway I could purchase the right to have the image of the suspended rhino being trasnported with the landscape in the background? I’d love to have that put on canvas. Please email me if you have more info.

    • Hi Ryan

      Unfortunately the images are not available for purchase, as they are frame grabs from the film footage, and not high resolution pictures.

  • is a beautiful work….
    Thanks for sharing