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Sad News: Rhinos in Our Films Victims of Poaching

12 December 2011

It is with sadness that we start the week, knowing that three of the rhinos we have filmed in the past few months have been killed.

First it was Tanner 2, the injured orphan rhino who barely survived a poaching incident, and had to be euthanised. Now, two more of the rhinos which we filmed at Fairy Glen for Woolworths have also been attacked by poachers.

According to the latest figures from SANParks, 405 rhinos have been killed in South Africa this year alone, a scary 22 percent increase from last year- please continue to support rhino conservation efforts to stop this madness.

  • gloria

    My heart broke when i heard of this We r now declaring WAR on the poachers and all involved in the urder of over 456 rhinos so far