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Signs of Success: Black Rhino Range Expansion Project

6 October 2011

Last year, Green Renaissance filmed a short clip on the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project in KwaZulu- Natal for WWF, with project leader Dr. Jacques Flamand.

Almost a year later, the project has shown its first signs of success, according to an article on IOL published yesterday.

It’s inspiring to know that the project is making a difference, and even more encouraging to know that it is now going to expanded further into other provinces in the country.

  • Anelle MInnaar

    4 April 2012

    To Dr Flamand

    I read on the Internet that you help save rhino’s by relocating them
    to another destination. And I think it is wonderful what you people
    are doing, you are heroes

    I know this is impossible, and I know that most of the rhino
    population are in private ownership, but I wish that you can
    move all of the rhino’s to a safe location, where the owners can
    still keep an eye on them

    Thank you again for saving rhino’s

    • Thanks for supporting Green Renaissance and Dr Flamand.