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The Ongoing Camera Debate: Nikon or Canon?

29 June 2011

If you start typing Nikon versus Canon into Google, it’s the first result to come up on the automatic drop down list, which shows just how often this question is asked.

So which brand is better?

The truth is, that in the hugely competitive global digital camera market, brands can’t afford to have anything wrong with them. So according to the research I have done, not only with regards to Nikon and Canon but with camera choices in general, every brand has its advantages and pitfalls.

It seems that there is no perfect camera, but there are different models and brands that are known for specific features, especially when you consider the high-end professional camera ranges, with models built for people who actually understand how they work, and know infinitely more about lenses, aperture and shutter speed than most people ever will.

Petapixel, a website dedicated to digital photography, has summarized this ongoing camera debate in an infographic, which compares everything from favourable user and expert reviews to global sales figures. In the end, the Nikon D90 was decided as the most popular DSLR camera, but in terms of overall sales performance, Canon seems to be most popular brand.

If you’re still not convinced, here are two timelapse videos, taken with a Nikon and Canon camera respectively, to help you make up your mind.

Nikon D90:

Canon 5D2:

*Image from:

Post by Jenna van Schoor