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We Are Dead Stars

12 September 2014

What Are We? Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

These existential questions in relation to our humanity has been around, in some form or another, since human intelligence developed. Philosophers, scientists and theologists alike have pondered and answered these questions many a time before, and they’re often depicted at looking up at a starry night sky for answers.

We Are Dead Stars

NASA astronomer Dr. Michelle Thalle grants an interesting explanation as to where she thinks we come from (we all have different beliefs so her answer isn’t the only answer). What stands out so powerfully is the notion we are all connected to everything. Our life energy is shared by every living thing on this planet.

Quite thought provoking.

  • Rachel hanley

    I think “dead” stars is a poor way to put it. The atoms that form us were created by a part of the life cycle of stars. we are intimitly connected to them. So where does coucnsciousnus come from?